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Industrial & Commercial

Industrial & Commercial Coatings

Mil Spec is extremely knowledgeable in the application of numerous commercial and industrial coatings. We have the experience and expertise to handle all your industrial coating needs.

Our facility can accommodate large production runs and our experienced personnel can be trusted with your 1st articles and proto-types.

  • We have excellent color matching services.
  • We can match to Fed Standards or customer supplied color chip.
  • Our paint suppliers offer advanced color matching technology that calibrates color formulas for every product and sheen, ensuring outstanding color accuracy and consistency.

Mil Spec’s in-house supply of industrial liquid paint is the largest in Northern Nevada.

We stock waterborne acrylic, polyurethanes, enamels and epoxys just to name a few.

Mil Spec also stocks some of the lesser known coatings, such as CM-15-Epoxy mastic, EMI shielding products and CARC (chemical agent resistant coating).

We can produce a full line of surface finishes such as smooth, textured, hammertones and metallics.

Sheen from super gloss to flats are available.

All these finishes can be applied to aluminum, stainless, rust inhibiting steel and plastics.

Our prep/masking department can provide detailed and accurate masking per your specifications, even with the most exacting standards.

We also offer graphic services and silkscreen application. 

We have an in-house graphics department to produce your specific art. We can save you time and money by completing your paint and silkscreen projects at one source.

Send your prints via e-mail or form below and we will quote your job quickly, whether it is numerous pieces or just a few.

Color Options

Take a look at just a sample of the color and company options we can provide.


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